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Future Sphere is a technology education company that serves public education, helps private education, and explores new models of future education globally, with smart education and open platform as the main body, and technology education and extracurricular coaching as the carrier.

Introduction of Future Sphere Technology Education Center

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At present, the main business of Future Sphere involves programming enlightenment, intelligent education, education open platform, K12 extracurricular education and overseas study, etc., and it has several education brands. Business and investment are driven by two wheels. By the end of May 2021, Future Sphere had hundreds of employees worldwide and enrolled students covering 90 cities and more than 20 countries.

In 2017, Future Sphere established its New York R&D center. 2019, Future Sphere was invited to participate in the Chinese Information Network's "Global Technology Education Cooperation Exchange Interview" to present the relevant programming curriculum to students around the world under the lens of the TV station.

Nowadays, it covers various education and training fields such as children's programming education, children's media education, children's financial education, children's classroom support education and children's career growth planning, providing online and offline high-quality courses and professional teaching and support services for students of all ages.

Future Sphere has established three sub-brands: Future Sphere IT Prop, Future Sphere Online Learning Center and Future Sphere Online Academy, which have become well-known education brands in the United States with high-quality teachers, exciting course content, professional after-school services, cutting-edge science and technology and comprehensive brand building.


Vision: To be a respected educational institution

Mission: Love and technology make education better

Educational philosophy: motivate and develop abilities

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Technology Innovation

Future Sphere has an exclusively developed student management system, each Future Sphere student will have their own student portal account, the background big data to follow up on each student's learning situation.

In the Student Portal, students can see their after-class assignments, class handouts and course videos at any time, so that they can consolidate their learning at any time, and their assignments will be submitted through the Student Portal, and the teacher will correct them and provide feedback on their scores in the Student Portal.

At the same time, in order to follow up students' learning immediately, students' attendance in each class, homework scores and test scores can be viewed in the Student Center, and a student learning report will be generated after the course to help parents understand students' learning performance in the course.

Learning Model

Future Sphere Academy is highly innovative learning model, using the "classroom learning - after-class practice - counseling correction - real mastery" efficient learning process, dual-teacher model of "classroom lectures" and "after-class follow-up" perfect combination, each future sphere class is equipped with a tutor and a class teacher, the tutor is responsible for teaching and answering questions, the class teacher is responsible for after-class follow-up.

Provide students with a new experience of personalized accompaniment, practice, Q&A and supervision during the learning process in accordance with the learning plan; Record and predict learning trajectories through data-based learning results, make targeted recommendations based on learning progress and effectiveness, provide adaptive learning paths and motivate students to learn efficiently.

My daughter just reached 9 years old and I was worried whether she could keep up, but the teacher's lecture was clear and the language was concise and clear, and my child gained a lot in just 14 days. Moreover, the teacher is very serious in answering questions and making sure the children really understand the difficult points before proceeding. All in all, after learning this class, my children feel that python is not difficult but also very interesting.



Future Sphere Classroom

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Since its inception, Future Sphere has served 6,000+ students and received numerous positive reviews. In addition to our offline classrooms in Long Island City and Flushing, NY, we also have an online zoom classroom dedicated to providing quality programming education to youth across the United States.